Legacy of Fire

Completing the Clearing out of the Monstary

3rd game

Players this game:

The game picked up right where it had last left off, where the party was about to enter into the laboratory where they had spotted a strange animate ooze bubbling up through the grates. The characters entered cautious, and Triad’s bird was able to attack the ooze and damage it enough to where it retreated into the drains. Once the immediate threat to all of them had passed, the characters started to search the room. Puppy found a sheaf of alchemical formula containing instructions for different types of healing potions. As Goz approached the table however, the ooze suddenly spilled through the grates and totally engulfed him, forcing its way into his nose and mouth. The rest of the party watched in horror as their comrade was totally engulfed, but once the ooze had found its host, it feel lifelessly to the ground, as what ever was possessing it had been assimilated into Goz. Compelled by a strange sensation, Goz ran up the passage way into the Courtyard where he proceeded to dig under the ground and uncovered a magic gauntlet that fit exactly to his paws. Puppy used his knowledge from past lives to discover that the weapon was called the Tempest and it was used by Vardishal, the Saint of the monastery when he was still a Templar of the 5 winds.
While the characters were standing around marveling at the weapon Goz had found, Puppy was suddenly struck by an arrow from a Pugwampi. The little demon creatures were trying to goad the characters to the chapel, where they continued to assail the party from the rafters. Triad’s bird made quick work of a few of the Pugwampis as did Goz’s arrows and Gnonie’s magic missiles. however the lack of visibility and the pugwampi’s unluck aura proved to be challenging. Suddenly a large lumbering Pugwampi appeared at the end of the Chapel and screaming out a challenge at the players he started to send his pugwampis into a fury. One cowardly pugwampi attempted to flee behind his King and was quickly killed by his would be savior for his cowardice. Triad’s bird (Home Bird) managed to injure the king and cause him to feel up to the rafters where the PCs pursued him. Only Goz was nimble enough to navigate the dangerous rafters above the chruch and managed to make the killing blow against the king. Aftwards Gnonie searched the area and found a Phylactery in the king’s throne.
The party returned to the ground floor and found Almah’s people already starting to move into the church. Almah met them and congratulated them for a job well done, when suddenly a blood curdling scream erupted from the Kitchen. The PCs ran in to find a stand off between the Spider Triad had befriended and Almah’s guards. Triad was able to intercede on the Spiders behalf and after some negotiating Almah’s guards permitted the spider to live in the bottom of the crypt in the church where Triad went to bring the spider. We ended the game there.

XP earned this game: 3200
Party XP total at this point: 5865


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