Legacy of Fire

Second game

Clearing out the Old Monastery

Players this game:

The party was able to rest before continuing to clear out the Old Monastery of threats so Almah’s party can move in. When they had gotten up, the others found that Triad had acquired a large vulture as his animal companion, as after he took the eggs into his care, the spirits of nature sent him the bird to be his companion. They continued to explore the abandoned church and found more evidence of the thousand year history of the clerics with Vardishal, and how all this abruptly stopped after what ever it was that happened to the monastery 20 years go occurred. They were able to kill 7 more pugwampis and 3 stirges. The party cleared the first floor of the monastery and continued into the under crypt where they found a mold encrusted door. Down in the under crypt they retrieved a suit of leather masterwork armor and a +1 mace and a box of Serenrae. The party continued to the end of the hall where they discovered a laboratory on the other side of the door, filled with all manner of alchemist equipment and encrusted by a mold. Upon entering the room, what seemed to be a slime mold roiled from below in the drains and started to bubble up as though responding to their approach. We cut the game at this point and will pick back up from this point.
XP this game: 2000.


anjelkitty anjelkitty

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